Bandanna Bonds was born in Memphis Tennessee. His mom was 15 and his pops 18. His father served in the military hoping to provide a better life for him and his mother. While his father was serving overseas, Bond’s and his mother moved from house to house. Sometimes staying with family members, sometimes with strangers. His mother also continued having children while his father was away, which eventually put a strain on their relationship. At the age of 6, Bond’s grandmother picked him up from school. “I remember I was sick and she nursed me back to health”, says Bonds. He never returned to live with his mother. He would be 18 before he found out why.

At 7 years young Bonds moved with his Pops to Virginia. Like most military men, his father was very strict. However, that didn't play out well with the upbringing Bond’s was used to. By then, drugs, violence and poverty was a normal life to him.  Living with his father was nothing like living in Memphis. He had his own room, his own clothes, and he didn't hear sirens every night or talk about dead bodies on the way to school. As good as a life his pops provided, he still chose to search for trouble.